Metro 2.0 Orange Side
Metro 2.0 Orange Top
Metro 2.0 Orange Underside
Metro 2.0 Orange Woman
Metro 2.0 Orange Boy
Metro 2.0 Orange Bag
Metro 2.0 Blue Side
Metro 2.0 Blue Top
Metro 2.0 Blue Underside
Metro 2.0 Blue Woman
Metro 2.0 Blue Boy
Metro 2.0 Blue Bag
Metro 2.0 Pink Side
Metro 2.0 Pink Top
Metro 2.0 Pink Underside
Metro 2.0 Pink Woman
Metro 2.0 Pink Boy
Metro 2.0 Pink Bag
Metro 2.0 Mint Underside
Metro 2.0 Mint Top
Metro 2.0 Mint Side
Metro 2.0 Mint Woman
Metro 2.0 Mint Boy
Metro 2.0 Mint Bag
Metro 2.0 Yellow Side
Metro 2.0 Yellow Top
Metro 2.0 Yellow Underside
Metro 2.0 Yellow Female
Metro 2.0 Yellow Boy
Metro 2.0 Yellow Bag
Metro 2.0 Black Side
Metro 2.0 Black Top
Metro 2.0 Black Underside
Metro 2.0 Black Woman
Metro 2.0 Black Boy
Metro 2.0 Black Bag
Metro 2.0 Charcoal Side
Metro 2.0 Charcoal Top
Metro 2.0 Charcoal Underside
Metro 2.0 Charcoal Girl
Metro 2.0 Charcoal Boy
Metro 2.0 Charcoal Bag
Metro 2.0 Navy Blue Side
Metro 2.0 Navy Blue Top
Metro 2.0 Navy Blue Underside
Metro 2.0 Navy Blue Woman
Metro 2.0 Navy Blue Boy
Metro 2.0 Navy Blue Bag
Metro 2.0 Forest Green Side
Metro 2.0 Forest Green Top
Metro 2.0 Forest Green Underside
Metro 2.0 Forest Green Woman
Metro 2.0 Forest Green Boy
Metro 2.0 Forest Green Bag
lifestyle | heading: Resist the throw-away! | content: Built to last umbrella that will never fail you in the next storm.
Metro 2.0 Red Side
Metro 2.0 Red Top
Metro 2.0 Red Underside
Metro 2.0 Red Woman
Metro 2.0 Red Boy
Metro 2.0 Red Bag


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Color: Black

Our small compact umbrella for easy travel.

Compact, convenient, and collapsible, the BLUNT Metro is perfect for the urban dweller.

With 39 inches of coverage, the Metro is perfectly sized to give you coverage while not taking up too much street space. The Metro's auto-open canopy easily opens with the push of a button, and collapses and slides neatly into the carry sleeve. It's also built with a 360° spinning canopy to avoid damaging the core mechanism when knocked on an accident. Comes with a matching carry sleeve.

2-Year Global Warranty
We take the quality of our products seriously. We guarantee every umbrella for 2 years against manufacturing defects—no matter where in the world you bought it!

Canopy: Quick Dry Polyester
Frame: Polycarbonate Fibreglass
Shaft: Anodized Aluminium
Sport Shaft: Fibreglass
Handle: TPR Rubber

Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 489 reviews

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Color: Black
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Resist the throw-away!

Built to last umbrella that will never fail you in the next storm.

  • Resist the throw-away

    At Blunt we care about our planet and living sustainably. That is why Blunt Umbrellas are built to last.

  • Relentless quality

    Blunt Umbrellas are made with superior materials and each one undergoes a 38-point quality control check.

  • Love all weather

    After testing in extreme conditions we trust our umbrellas will last. Love rain, hate waste.

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Patented Innovation

Double Struts

As the BLUNT canopy unfurls, the additional double struts redirect the users effort into the specially design floating ribs.


The BLUNT tips open like miniature umbrellas into their specially designed pockets, evenly distributing tension right to the edge, where it is most needed.


"Umbrellas are just another hateful piece of urban luggage.... The Blunt umbrella's intelligent design might actually convert this hater"


"Its architectural integrity is as unbroken as the dome of St. Peter's"

Wall Street Journal

"Structurally, the Blunt falls somewhere between suspension bridge and NASA space probe"