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your BLUNT is made to last

At Blunt™ we’re focused on leading change when it comes to the environment. Our mission is to promote the adoption and everyday use of reusable products and that does mean we try to repair our products before we replace them.

Every Blunt™ comes with a two-year global warranty so if you think your Blunt™ needs a repair please contact us at

If it’s an easy fix and you’re keen to roll up your sleeves, we can send you new parts to fix your Blunt™ yourself using our how-to videos below.

We also think you are pretty magic for making sure your Blunt™ is the only umbrella you’ll need.

BLUNT how-to videos

which model BLUNT Metro do you own?

  • 1. Is your Blunt™ two years old?
  • 2. With the cap removed does your Blunt™ have a single hole or a hole with two notches? The latest BLUNT Metro has two notches.

What version BLUNT Metro do you own?

how to change your BLUNT Metro cap

  • contact for a new cap
  • new model
  • 1. Look on an angle to see the two ‘bits’ that are stuck in the notches
  • 2. Find a small tool to pick out the 'bits'
  • 3. Once the 'bits' are loose, turn your Blunt™ upside down so they fall out
  • 4. Put the rubber washer inside your new cap
  • 5. Put new cap on your BLUNT Metro and turn 45°
  • old model
  • The new cap fits straight on, a little glue won’t hurt.

How to change your BLUNT Metro Cap

how to change your BLUNT Classic or XL cap

  1. 1. Undo the strap of your Blunt™
  2. 2. Hold the tip and rib
  3. 3. Pull the tip up so it comes away from the rib
  4. 4. Navigate the tip out of the pocket
  5. 5. Place new tip in the pocket
  6. 6. Have the end of the tip slightly out of the pocket
  7. 7. Slide the rib into the new Blunt tip and push down hard
  8. 8. Press down on the tip so it fits in the pocket
  9. 9. Put umbrella up to check it is all even

How to change the cap on your BLUNT Classic or XL

how to change your BLUNT Classic or XL tip

  1. 1. Hold the canopy of your Blunt™
  2. 2. Place rubber washer on new cap
  3. 3. Place the cap on the shaft
  4. 4. Twist on tight – make sure you don’t twist the canopy

How to change the tips on your BLUNT Classic or XL

If your repair job is not covered by any of the above instructions then don't hesitate to get in touch!