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BLUNT charity: water

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95 cm / 37 in


36.5 cm / 14 in


350g / 0.77 lb

charity: water sends 100 percent of donations straight to the field to help communities in need. There are a staggering 663 million people on the planet who don’t have clean water. That’s nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide. Or, twice the population of the United States.


Our smallest umbrella. It fits easily in a bag when closed and it won’t take up too much space on the sidewalk!

BLUNT Umbrellas

Built to last, Blunt™ Umbrellas lay claim to creating the only umbrellas on the market with fully tensioned canopies.

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“Umbrellas are just another hateful piece of urban luggage…. The Blunt umbrella‘s intelligent design might actually convert this hater”

“Its architectural integrity is as unbroken as the dome of St. Peter‘s”

“Structurally, the Blunt falls somewhere between suspension bridge and NASA space probe”

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