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Why mom’s need a blunt umbrella

Chances are your mom has protected you from time to time. Whether it was kissing better a playground bruise or tricking you into eating immunity-building vegetables - we’d bet she has always had your best interests in her heart of hearts.

So why not repay those gestures by protecting her from the only forces of nature greater than a mother’s love? Blunt umbrellas are tested against gale force winds, torrential downpours, and even the sun’s rays.

They might be called Blunt, but our umbrellas will keep mom looking sharp. With a range of colors and styles, she can stand out in the crowd with a bold red, orange or blue (so you’ll never lose her) or blend in with sleek black, white and grey (so she can lose you if she wants some alone time).

Blunt also comes recommended by another, pretty important, mother. That’s mother nature. She tells us she’s - quite literally - getting sick and tired of the 1 billion-plus broken umbrellas that get sent to landfill each year. Engineered to weather the harshest of elements, Blunt umbrellas come with a five-year manufacturers guarantee to keep their users protected and themselves out of waste streams.

There is also a multitude of lesser-known, yet very mom-friendly, uses for Blunt umbrellas. Not only are they perfect for enjoying a pina colada under (for when mom gets caught in the rain, get it?!) but they can double as a handy dad-prodder, a nifty nosy-neighbour avoiding disguise or even a tool to justify the way she pokes at her phone screen. 

All in all a Blunt umbrella is the perfect gift for your mom this mothers day!